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    Where To Find Magic Mixies On Sale In Time For The Holidays

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    Where To Find Magic Mixies On Sale In Time For The Holidays

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    As with every other year, the holiday season is always able to contain some sort of toy that kids are looking for, but which is difficult for parents to find. This year, the toys included Magic Mixies — and they’re just as fantastic as they sound.

    It was developed through Moose Toys, the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron is an interactive toy featuring over 50 different sounds that you can customize. It is packed with magical ingredients, such as crystals, a gem, and feathers, that create a unique pet to life with just a few clicks of a wand, and a little mist. Sounds so cool, right?


    In the face of supply shortages, as they were last year retailers, including Amazon, Walmart and Target were having a tough of keeping their stock up. Some lesser-known stores and resellers were able to capitalize on the woes of parents by raising costs from the standard price of $69.99 up to $100 and even more.

    The excitement of the holiday season slowed down in 2021 and the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron won prizes to be a “Collectible Toy of the Year” and “Creative Toy of the Year” from the Toy Association. We anticipate seeing the Magic Mixies Cauldron be a popular toy for the second time in a row, and will be followed by the Magic Mixies Mixlings Tap & Reveal Cauldron featuring brand new products coming from Moose Toys in October, such as the highly-anticipated Magic Mixies Crystal Ball Rainbow.

    To help you understand the nonsense that is Magic Mixies, to help you understand the nonsense Magic Mixies phenomenon, these are the stores that have the toys available and are even on sale with options that could be appealing in case of need, and to keep your mental health.

    Where To Find Magic Mixies Cauldron on Sale

    Amazon Magic Mixies Cauldron Sale

    You can see that prices for this Magic Mixies Cauldron have been all across the board. The original pricing was $69.99 when it first came onto the market at the close of September. The most expensive Amazon cost was $165 a few days after. By November, prices had almost doubled – when the product was accessible. Then, after Christmas, prices returned to normal. The supply chain issue was an issue this year, and we’re hoping that they don’t happen again this year.

    Today, grab now the Magic Mixies Cauldron for 35 percent off and only $51.99 (after clicking on the Coupon for $10). The cheapest price we’ve found ranges from $42 to $42. This is a fantastic bargain if you’re surprising your special someone during the holiday season.


    Target Magic Mixies Cauldron (sold out)

    target sold the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron in pink for $69.99 last year, but it wasn’t available for shipping. Right now, you not only can get the toy shipped to you right now, but you’ll also get it on sale for $48.99.


    Walmart Magic Mixies Cauldron

    Walmart was among the few stores that sold Magic Mixies at a discount in the past year, at $54. Similar to others, Walmart was not shipping-ready, but you could inquire about the availability of local stores. The retailer replenished the toy during the season of Christmas but it was gone very quickly. It is also available in this Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron in Pink for $64 or The Magic Mixies Rainbow Cauldon for $64.

    The cheapest currently is the blue version for $74.99. Other retailers offer their Magic Mixies Cauldron for more via marketplace.


    Stores With Magic Mixies In Stock

    Stores have finally replenished their Magic Mixies inventory, like ToyWiz. The retailer currently sells Blue Magic Mixies for $79.99, however, it wasn’t sold in the past.

    Blain’s Farm & Fleet Magic Mixies Cauldron (sold out)

    Blain’s Farm & Fleet has the Magic Mixies Cauldron for $69.99, but don’t worry if there isn’t one close to you—they also ship. The website states that it will be available shortly even though it is not yet in stock. You may buy yours with confidence when it becomes available because we haven’t seen the shop increase the price of these highly sought-after toys like some dealers have.


    GameStop Magic Mixies Cauldron (sold out)

    On specified occasions last year, GameStop released their Magic Mixies stock. For instance, the pink one was “anticipated” to be available online on December 5, 2021, for $99.99, $30 more than its usual price.

    The Magic Mixies Cauldron is temporarily unavailable, but it’s on sale for $67.97 and might be available for in-store pickup at a GameStop location near you.


    Indigo Magic Mixies Cauldron

    The Magic Mixies Cauldron was sold by Indigo in 2021, however, it was frequently out of stock. To receive a notification when it was back in stock, you only added your email. The drawback is that shipping takes two to three weeks because Indigo is located in Canada.

    Although you might have to pay customs or duty costs, standard shipment is free. However, as the $99.99 price is in Canadian dollars, it is equivalent to about $77.04 in American dollars.


    Kohl’s Magic Mixies Cauldron Sale

    To purchase the Magic Mixies Cauldron from Kohl’s during the holiday season of last year, you had to locate a shop that had it in stock because most were out of stock for shipment. a difficult task.

    Right now, you have the option to buy it in stores or have it sent. It used to cost $10 more at Kohl’s, but you can now get it for $74.99. However, you can earn and use Kohl’s Cash on your purchase when you shop with us.


    Best Magic Mixies Alternatives

    We fully understand that receiving the closest thing to Magic Mixies is not ideal, but these alternatives might be a suitable replacement to prevent tears on Christmas morning. The popular toys Real Littles, Shopkins, Squeakee, Dream Seekers dolls, and more are also produced by Moose


    Baby Alive GloPixies Doll — $30.75
    Peek-A-Roo Interactive Rainbow Plush Toy — $33.07
    Squeakee The Balloon Dog — $35.59
    Squeakee The Balloon Dino — $45.55
    FurReal StarLily My Magical Unicorn Interactive Plush Pet Toy — $194.99
    Tamagotchi Pix — $41.99


    Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Fairycorn — $26.99
    FAO Schwarz Glow Brights Llamacorn Plush LED with Sound — $14.99
    Pixie Belles Esme Interactive Enchanted Animal Toy — $8.99


    Little Live Pets Scruff-a-Luvs Babies Mini Plush Surprise Mystery Pack — $54.99
    Shopkins Secret Bag Tag Blossom Sushi Eatery — $29.99
    Contixo Kids Smart Robot Toy Mini Robot — $26.99
    Peek-A-Roo, Interactive Panda-Roo Plush Toy — $57.88

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