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    Do Not Sell My Information

    by admin

    Under the rules of the General Data Protection Act (GDPA), every individual either working directly with the European Union or in association with an organization having establishments with the EU, hold the right to remove, get the modification done, take a copy of, or withhold the processing of their data used by the website.

    Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), every resident of California and surrounding vicinities have the choice to get verification and know how their data has been utilized or displayed by the website.

    Abiding by these laws, our customers hold the right to claim verification of their data usage. Best Savings Coupon is committed to following the rules as well as protecting our customer’s privacy. For such reasons, we have a strict, zero-tolerance policy in action. For more check out our Privacy Policy.
    For making a further request under GDPA click here or make a verification, claim based on CCPA here.


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