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    The Official 2022 – 2023 Calendar of Sephora Sales Events

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    The Official 2022 - 2023 Calendar of Sephora Sales Events

    Through November 29, both online and in-person, Sephora is having its Cyber Week Sale, which offers free shipping for Beauty Insiders and 25% off new, coveted goods every day from brands like Fenty, Lancome, and more. Additionally, select from four free sample bags when you spend $85 or more at Sephora. However, there’s still more!


    For a limited time, get $10 Cash Back for purchases of $100 or more and 50% off sale merchandise.


    For card-carrying beauty lovers like ourselves, exploring Sephora might resemble letting loose in a candy store. A pricey confectionery shop that sparkles and shines.

    The Sephora siren song has captured the attention of many people. It turns out that the store’s eye shadow displays, checkout-line shelves, travel-size goods, and alluring rewards programs are all intended to encourage you to make additional purchases. And their business strategy is effective: The inauguration of more than 60 new Sephora retail stores and 200 Sephora kiosks within Kohl’s department stores is part of Sephora’s most recent announcement of its greatest growth in the United States.


    As much as we adore Sephora (and candy), we equally value our ability to save money. Because of this, we’ve devoted many hours researching how to get free beauty samples, save money at Sephora, and poring over the store’s discount area.

    With the elusive but magical Sephora sale, we’re fearlessly venturing into new, fascinating savings territory when the retailer offers customers discounts and other benefits.
    Everything you need to know about finding Sephora deals and satisfying your beauty addiction on a budget is here.

    How Do Sephora Sales Work?

    Let’s begin by providing a general overview of the Sephora sales process. Sephora only allows members of its Beauty Insider rewards program to purchase items during its sales, with the notable exception of its Oh Snap! Sale and a few public holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    That’s the bad news, I guess. The good news is that there is no minimum purchase requirement to enroll in the Sephora Beauty Insider program, and it is free to join. It takes around 10 seconds to sign up for Beauty Insider, which is less time than it takes to apply a new layer of Birthday Confetti-flavored Lancome lip gloss (just saying).

    When you shop at Sephora as a Beauty Insider, you get points you can redeem for free samples, other gifts, and other perks. Depending on your level of membership, you may earn a varied number of points for various transactions.

    Sephora Beauty Insider Membership Tiers

    They divided the Sephora Beauty Insider program into three membership tiers:

    Sephora Insider

    When you sign up for Sephora Beauty Insider, the company instantly grants you Insider status. You receive 1 point back on all Sephora purchases if you have Insider status, which is the free base membership level. The best part of all, though, is that Insider-level membership gives you access to many (but not all) of the unique Sephora Beauty Insider sale occasions, such as the VIB Holiday Bonus Sale and Sephora Spring Sale.

    Sephora VIB

    You are automatically granted VIB status when you make purchases at Sephora totaling $350 or more throughout a calendar year. You receive 1.25 points back on all Sephora purchases if you have VIB status. The Sephora Spring Sale, Summer Bonus Sale, and VIB Holiday Bonus Sale are just a few of the Sephora Beauty Insider sale occasions that are accessible to members at the VIB level.

    How Often Is the Sephora VIB Sale?

    In April, August, and November, Sephora holds three VIP discounts: Sephora VIB Sale, Sephora Beauty Insider Sale, and Sephora Rouge Sale. All three sales are accessible to VIB and Rouge members.

    Sephora Rouge

    You are immediately given VIB Rouge status when you spend $1,000 or more at Sephora in a calendar year. You receive 1.5 points back on all Sephora purchases if you have a Rouge membership level. Additionally, the Rouge level grants you early entry to all Sephora Beauty Insider sale occasions, including the VIB Holiday Bonus Sale and the Sephora Spring Sale.

    Beauty for All Sale

    The Sephora Beauty for All sale is exactly what it claims to be; during the promotion, all Sephora Beauty Insiders tiers can receive discounts. The sale made its debut in 2021, beginning the week after Cyber Monday from December 3 to December 12 of the previous year. It offers 30% off the Sephora Collection and 20% off your purchase for all Beauty Insiders tiers.

    Other Ways To Score Sephora Deals

    You may get it for less if you shop at Sephora at the correct time and with the right membership tier. The sales stated above are just a sample of the numerous giveaways, discounts, and other incentives Sephora gives customers all year long. Here are a few tips for perusing the Sephora collection and buying in the store’s sale section:

    Sephora’s Sales and Offers

    If you’re trying to shop at Sephora outside of its annual sales events, you can find deals in the Sephora sale section of the store website, which features deals on beauty products, hair care, skincare, and more. The Sephora sale page is easy to navigate and can be organized by filters like a product category, rating, and price.

    The Beauty Offers page of is hands-down our favorite spot on the site (if not the entire internet). That’s where you’ll find a constantly updated stream of free goodies, plus other perks like free shipping and point multiplier codes.

    Shop the Sephora Collection

    The Sephora Collection offers premium proprietary Sephora-brand beauty goods at incredibly low costs, making it operate like a never-ending Sephora sale. You can find anything your beauty-loving heart desires in the Sephora Collection for less. This includes everything from retractable waterproof eyeliner to vegan eyelashes to coconut foot masks.

    Sign Up for a Sephora Credit Card

    Apply for a Sephora Credit Card if you want to save a staggering 25% on your first purchase. When you shop at Sephora both in-person and online, you’ll receive 4% back in rewards, twice as many Beauty Insider Points for every $1 you spend, and other benefits. To avoid interest costs that reduce the initial discount, paying it off each month is important.

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