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    Discounts for Students at Target: Exactly What You Need To Know

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    Discounts for students at Target: Exactly What You Need To Know

    Target increases the discount for college students and teachers as if we needed another good reason to appreciate the company even more.

    Whether you’re prepared for it or not, Target officially started the back-to-school season on July 6.

    Additionally, Target disclosed that it would enhance the 15 percent off discount it gave Target Circle members who are enrolled in college from July 3 to September 3 to a 20 percent off discount on a single purchase. The only prerequisites are that you be a Target Circle member, which is free to join, and that you be enrolled at a college or university of higher education.


    According to Jill Sando, executive vice president and chief merchandiser of Target, “Guests can trust on Target to make the most of their finances, with thousands of things under $10, from supplies and fashionable attire to snacks and the newest technologies.”

    As concerns about inflation spread throughout the nation’s households, Target has increased its college student discount by 5%. However, it may not seem like much, in most places the discount comes close to covering the tax. Additionally, if you shop on the state’s tax-free weekend, the discount is applied to the real goods you purchase.

    Items for your dorm, necessities for the home, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, technology, and food and drink from companies like Room Essentials, Bright room, Wild Fable, Goodfellow & Co, Heyday, and Good & Gather are among the back-to-school necessities you can purchase with your 20 percent off discount.

    How to receive your college student discount is as follows:

    Log into your Target account and visit the “Settings” section.

    Choose “Get Verified” under “I’m a Student” in the drop-down menu.

    You must enter the name you are registered under at your school, your date of birth, and your school’s name.

    You’ll then have to wait for confirmation. I entered my student information in order to receive a discount because I’m enrolled in Texas Tech’s graduate program. About fifteen minutes passed.

    Once you’ve been authenticated, you can choose to save the 20% discount by looking under your Target Circle offers.

    Teacher discount at Target Join Now

    The Teacher Prep Event begins on July 17 and offers teachers a 15% discount on back-to-school supplies. And what’s this? Through September 10, the event will extend six weeks longer than it did last year.

    All K–12 educators, homeschool educators, daycare and early childhood learning centre staff, university or college professors, and vocational, trade, or technical school instructors are eligible for the discount. To get validated, you must be a Target Circle member and use the same process as college students.

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